Declined [Application] - Peww


New member
Oct 17, 2020
User name: Peww

How old are you? 17

SteamID64: 76561198855416940

What server are you applying for : HNS Pre

Are you in our discord server? Yes

How long have you been a member of ours? 1year +-

Tell us about yourself: Im random guy from Czech Republic i study high school i dont have any friends so im 24/7 on PC and i play HNS,metin2,League of legends but almost all the time im on HNS

Why should we choose you as an admin?: I think there is not enough admin that are like online almost 24/7 or on server lot of time so there are rulebreakers and u cant do anything beacause if u will to tell him dont do it he will dont give a **** so i can try admin on DC but lot of admins are busy so they will come in 1hour but that guy is offline and yeah we can record demo but noone will care still so i want be there almost 24/7 and be there for other players.

What are your personal weaknesses? im not the best in english

What are your personal strengths? i know the rules really good or i hope i know them

Do you have any registered punishments on our servers? Yes

Elaborate: i had some mutes for singing when we were having fun and admin just came... some small bans for rulebreaking when we were having fun but i think never get banned for constantly rulebreaking

Do you have any previous admin experience? : No

Can you benefit our community somehow? If so, how? : No

Anything else?: No