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    Server Idea Server Suggestion Rocket Jumping

    Accepted, very good idea
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    Pending [Suggestion] - zebusq

    User name: zebusq What server does this suggestion apply to? HNS Pre, HNS EasyBlocks, HNS NoPre, MG Course, Competitive, Retakes, KZ Climb Description test Why should we implement this change/feature? test
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    Gstrafe ''Scripting''

    +1 I also use or well did use this method to g-strafe, it's known as double ducking and it's superior to your typical g-strafe, as I've experienced my fair share of macro users and also legit double duckers I am able to vouch thay vipparn is legit
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    Accepted [Application] - zebusq

    i only tell the truth, i am a god after all
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    Accepted [Application] - zebusq

    edit: zwolof is cute
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    Accepted [Application] - zebusq

    User name: zebusq How old are you? 17 SteamID64: 76561198878860825 What server are you applying for : Competitive, Retakes Are you in our discord server? Yes How long have you been a member of ours? fucking ages mate i honestly dont know anymore Tell us about yourself: my names...